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Desperate for change but no idea where to start? 

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Do you ever feel stuck?
Are you constantly anxious & overwhelmed with thoughts of not being good enough?
Do your negative thoughts consume you?
Does fear control you?
Are you constantly self-sabotaging and falling into a victim mindset?
Frustrated that you aren’t fulfilling your true potential?

Believe me when I tell you that I have been there and I know how you feel! 
I’m here to tell you that you can take control back in your own life, master your emotions and understand how to create feelings of true happiness and a
deep sense of inner peace.

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I have battled with anxious and negative thoughts for as long as I can remember. I simply accepted anxiety as a part of me – something that I was born with. I spent my teens and the majority of my twenties feeling not good enough and constantly fearing the judgement of others. It sure was exhausting coming up against the shitty committee in my head every day!

In 2015 I got married to my high school boyfriend of around 12+ years. We had a big white wedding in a beautiful castle in Ireland and moved to Melbourne, Australia on a permanent residency visa.
I thought I had it made!

Fast forward 9 months into the marriage and I found out something that turned my whole world upside down. I moved home to Ireland alone and found myself filing for divorce at 26 years old – not my life plan - this filled me with shame.

In an attempt to run away from it all I moved to London, England where I worked long hours in my corporate job and avoided feeling my feelings at all costs. My anxiety and stress levels were at an all time high and I began to become very ill.

At breaking point with my health I finally realised that I was not ok and that my thoughts and inner state of anxiety was making me sick.

Since then hypnotherapy and daily meditation have changed my life and I am a much calmer, happier and more confident person who has travelled around the world for 6+ months solo (something I thought I’d never say I could do!!)

I became obsessed with the power of the subconscious mind and decided to study with the Clifton Practice of Hypnotherapy to obtain my Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and I now have the opportunity to work with incredible women like you to help them feel enough, calm, confident and in control too.

You have everything that you need inside of you to take control and change your life. You are not your anxiety and you deserve to live in a natural state of calm, happiness and ease.
Believe me when I say if I can do it you can too!

I provide high achieving women with the science backed tools to effectively manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm and live a life that they love.

If you are ready for change – take a chance on yourself and book a free no obligation 20-30 minute Strategy & Support call where we will discuss –

-  Your current situation
-  If I can help you and the strategy that we will use to get you to where you want to be
- How the hypnotherapy sessions are structured
-  Any questions that you might have

It is important that we have an initial chat to determine if we will work well together and that you are comfortable and excited about how the process works.

Hey there lovely! I’m Lauren


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Start to enjoy the benefits of hypnotherapy from today by downloading my Ultimate Calm & Confidence self hypnosis recording. You should plan to listen to the recording daily over at least a three-week period. Please try to make time each day to listen (preferably right before sleep), and you’ll create the opportunity for my messages to get to work in your mind.

If you are worried about falling asleep during hypnosis - don't! Hypnosis and sleep are actually quite similar, as in both states your subconscious mind is working more than your conscious mind. All you need to do before a hypnosis session is make sure that you are comfortable, in a quiet place, with your phone on silent. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and simply relax into the recording and follow what it tells you to do from there.

This powerful recording supports with -
• Facilitating a positive shift in mindset, helping you to reframe negative thoughts into a more optimistic perspective
• Anxiety & stress reduction
• Improved sleep
• Enhanced confidence
• Positive behaviour change
• Increased motivation

Please subscribe for free access to the recording through the link below.

Free Ultimate Calm & Confidence
Self Hypnosis Recording


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